The Daily Star

The Daily Star is a Bangladeshi English-language daily newspaper. It is by far the largest circulating English-language newspaper in the country. I wrote about literature in Bengali language.

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Kalbela is a daily newspaper published from Bangladesh. My satire writings on campus are published here regularly.

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Kaler Kantho

Kaler Kantho is one of the most popular Bengali newspapers in Bangladesh. There are many features and daily pages in Kaler Kantho. My teen articles can be found here.

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Rokomari Blog is the leading e-commerce company in Bangladesh. It sells about one million books a year. Their literary blog is quite popular. More than fifty of my writings have been published here.

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10 Minute School Blog

10 Minute School is the largest online education platform in Bangladesh.More than 15 lakh students are connected with this platform. Many of my writings have been published on their blog.

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Ajker Patrika

Ajker Patrika is a Bengali-language daily newspaper that is published in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Follow my writings from Ajker Patrika.

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There is More!

Although you can never learn everything about a person.

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